Monday, September 15, 2008

Guest Blogger -- Special Dream by Luellen Hoffman

Native Americans believe that after someone dies, they come back in a dream to a family member to let the family know that they are alright.

I believe this too and this is my story.

My husband Michael was forty-three years old and never sick before he died in an accident in 1994. He was tall 6’3” with dark brown hair and eyes and handsome. He had graduated from Michigan State University in electrical engineering and was the smartest man I ever met. He was the love of my life and we were together for seventeen years.

A few days after the funeral I was sound asleep in my bedroom when Mike suddenly appeared to me. It was like I was conscious and woke-up inside my dream because I could feel his presence instantly when he entered the room and I could see him perfectly clear in the darkness and it all seemed very real and natural. He stood there at the left side of the bed looking straight at me. He did not move from where he was standing and I could tell he was happy, peaceful and he wanted to tell me something, something important, but I was too angry at him for dying so I told him with my thoughts, “to just go away,” and he immediately did. Just like that it was over, but it was very real and very intense the few seconds it lasted.

Now I wouldn’t have shared this dream with anyone if it weren’t for my sister-in-law, Diane who called me a few days later from her home in Michigan. She had taken her brother’s death very hard and was grieving very hard, but now her voice over the phone sounded excited and happy. She told me that Mike had appeared to her in a dream too.

When she told me this I knew exactly right away what she was talking about and then I thought to myself if this is happening in our family, it must be happening in other families too, only no one is talking about it. But what does this mean?

So I started researching dreams and after ten years couldn’t find anything about this type of dream. Then in 2007 I placed small ads in community papers across the nation, asking people if they ever had someone close to them die and then appear to them in a dream. Over three hundred people responded and I collected over one hundred stories about this type of dream experience. It was amazing to see the healing aspect these dreams had on people’s lives. It didn’t matter their age, race, religion or even affiliation with the person who died. At first I thought this is happening only in families, but then I found out it could also happen between friends. The dream stories that were sent to me are amazing because they are love stories and how love never dies, even if we pass on, we still carry love in our hearts and also how we are more connected to each other, our family and friends much more then we realize.

One amazing pattern I saw when reviewing all the dream stories was the one word that was said over and over again by the deceased to the dreamer, and that word was “okay”. I’m ok, or don’t worry everything will be okay. After looking up the meaning of the word “okay” in the dictionary I found that it means safe and good. We do not know where our loved ones go after they die, but from these special dreams, we do know that they are now in a place that is both safe and good.

People are having these dreams only they don’t know what they are, and therefore not talking about them, or sharing them with their family. It is a good part of the healing process and helps those who are grieving and sad.

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Has your spouse appeared to you in a dream? Tell us about it.

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