Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Those hard unexpected days...

Okay, maybe it's not so unexpected now but back-to-school is always hard for me. It's when I take a look at how big the kids got, another year gone by and how much time has passed since Jeff died.

My son is now taller than I am and heading into high school where he'll join his older sister, who is now a junior. A junior!!!!! Time to think about colleges (see my gray hair! LOL). My "baby" is now as tall as the bottom of my chin and now looks like a tween. She's going into sixth grade, which means middle school next year. Geez!

So that's my hardest time because it's time to buy new sneakers for the bigger feet, new clothes for the taller kids and perhaps meet my new children -- the ones who weren't so into makeup and clothes and suddenly are and now found the opposite sex.

So, for me it's back-to-school that brings on a few sad moments (okay, if I am being completely honest, it brings on a few happy dances too, but shhhhh....). I'll ride this wave, grab some of my favorite coffee, take the day off of work and relax. I guess I'm starting to plan for those unexpecteds now.

What's your unexpected?


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