Sunday, June 13, 2010

A month filled with emotion

Our oldest graduates from high school in two weeks, prom was Friday. My son goes off to camp that he was accepted to and he now has a girlfriend and a job. Oldest leaves for college soon. Youngest is now a teenager. And me, I'm having moments. Don'tcha hate 'moments?' They come out of nowhere. You could be looking at a box of chocolate...or watch a scene in a movie...or even pay a bill ... and fall apart. Tonight I watched my kids eat dinner and it was like they were little again. And I had a moment. 10 years later and I 'still' have moments. It's okay. It reminds me of the love I had in my life. And reminds me of what I've accomplished.

I'm very often asked how I do what I do. One second, hour, day, month and year at a time. You can't go any faster than that. And you hold on. It's a bumpy ride. But you get through it. We all do.

For those facing a huge event this year -- or any year -- and facing grief at the same time, hang on and remember that you'll get through it. if it's a graduation, let your child know how your spouse would have felt. It's okay to bring them into the day. I know that Jeff would be so proud Nicole and I told her that.

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