Friday, May 28, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly about grief and the Internet

This popped into my mailbox this morning. It's the blog for the Hospice Foundation and they are talking a report where Facebook and other internet sources have been shown to be good for grief. The workshop however, seems to also address the bad, and there is bad out there. It's really important to make a careful decision on where you choose to post your grief and what you say. When you're early in your grief you might not even realize the information you're giving out. I've had nothing but positive experiences on the grief sites online, but Facebook wasn't a part of my grief when Jeff first died.

We're all doing well here, although slightly blubbery with my daughter's high school graduation upon us. Jeff should be here to see this. Yes, I know he's "here" in spirit (and I tell everyone that), but there are some days more than others that you want proof he sees it and you want him physically here. I know how proud he is of her and so am I.

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