Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How life's fragile...

A person very close to me was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few weeks ago. The day he was scheduled to get tests for his surgery, he had a major stroke. We almost lost him. It brings back grief because I know I'll never have him in my life the same way he was before. It's like a death. And we've been mourning and thinking and remembering.

Life is hard. We know that and live it, but sometimes it just slaps you in the face.

My thoughts go to anyone who is dealing with a major illness in addition to your grief.

Hang in there.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing you stories and putting in the effort to create this safe, assuring place. I'm 25, and lost my boyfriend of 5 yrs to leukemia last year. It has been tough, and Thanksgiving has really taken a toll on me. But I appreciated your letter on the homepage of your main site, and just wanted to say thank you. And to anyone else reading this - take a deep breath, and know that I'll be doing the same. One day at a time.