Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday My Little Peanut!

Eleven years ago today, our baby Samantha was born. She's the youngest of three and it's hard to believe that 11 years has gone by and almost 9 since Jeff died. Does anyone do what I do -- when it's a birthday, I mentally subtract their age from when Jeff died to see how many years he's "missed." Then I get all sappy and weepy and keep telling myself I know he sees all of them and how beautiful they are inside and out. I know other widows/widowers who do the same thing.

She's celebrating today with us and on Saturday with her friends. She invited five of her closest friends who are crazy over Webkinz for a Webkinz-themed party. That includes a new Webkinz doll for her of course (plus two video games she wanted and a brand new bowling ball since she didn't have a big party!) and Webkinz games and punch and cake. All-in-all a pretty simple party to do.

Next week, I have to stop back to the cemetery and add new flowers for the spring. I'm putting in pretty fake ones because I'm tired of replacing what became the animal's lunch. LOL.

Still working on two major book deadlines so my May is pretty shot, but I'm grateful the work is coming in. In the meantime, today is all about Samantha. I remember when she was little, she was VERY talkative. As a 2-year-old she would take any big word she could find and use it in a sentence just to use it. So she might come up to you and say, "I differentiate you." LOL No kidding. She had no idea what it meant, but if she used it she was proud of herself. After Jeff died, and the kids went back to school, it was just me and her for a few years. We went shopping, to the movies, playdates and just hung around. Blues Clues was a lifesaver for me those years. Funny how I actually miss hearing that in my house. Time flies....

Happy Birthday To Daddy's "Punkin" and My "Little Peanut!"

Love you!

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Cathy said...

My Ambrose shares his birthday with Samantha he turned 6 on May 1st..
This is the 3rd birthday of the kids.. Dave's is next in June and then mine in October. This has been the least hard. It IS getting easier, that doesn't mean I like it.
My Felix is 2 and turned 2 a month after the accident. it is like you are years ahead of me, not that you want to be. How have you kept the memory alive for a little girl that won't remember? Or does she?
I got my book today, thank you so much!!
Take care.