Friday, September 3, 2010

A great book...

"This is a journal about what happened to us…. One night, Dad just died and that was that." Twins Allie and Amy were eight years old and their brother David was four when their beloved father died in his sleep. Encouraged and guided by their mother, the three children kept a journal for almost two years. They wrote about the night he died, the funeral, the first week, the first year, the cemetery, their thoughts and feelings, their sadness and grief—and the future. Later, they looked back on what they had written and added new reflections. They also wrote suggestions for other kids who have experienced a similar loss. We were all deeply moved when we read this book. You will be, too. And, like us, you’ll be amazed at the strength and wisdom of Amy, Allie, and David—real children whose lives were abruptly and forever changed, and who chose to share their pain and learning with others. Recommended for anyone who has lost a loved one or knows someone who has.

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