Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coping With Grief

Wisdom From the Afterlife

While death is inevitable, pervasive grief is not. And while no amount of talking about death can ever truly prepare you for it when it happens to someone you love, it’s important to know you can cope with it when it’s through the heart.
If you buried your dreams along with a loved one, do you know how to begin building new dreams? Are you ready to wake things up again? Address your heart’s need to be healed by including bright choices in your renewed healthy life:

• While your loved one is still around you at times, they have changed. They are healed now and want you to feel them that way. To do so, ask your heart to sense them as they are now. Over time, your dreams will include increasing colors with vivid images of your loved one, healed. This is an incredible opportunity for you to awaken each morning feeling more and more healed!

• Invite your loved one to come around for family events, but don’t make a habit out of feeling that they’re there all the time to work through all that you have to do. The truth is, their life needed to move on and now so does yours. It’s not healthy to try to cling to your old life. Regard them as special and then share those special times!

• Reign in the feeling that you have to fix whatever it was that brought about your loved ones death. It’s like a team of wild horses that will take you for a ride you cannot control. Instead, join an action group of people, who like you, are determined to bring about positive changes for mankind as they push through their personal pain.

• While it’s true you can no longer see your loved one, it does not mean you can’t sense them. Imagine they’re in a distant room in your house trying to tell you something, but you have the radio on so it’s hard to hear what they’re saying. Discerning your loved one is just like that. Quiet the external noises and so much more than you think will come through.

• Ask older people how they’ve come to cope with the loss of a loved one. For while death and grief seem like taboo topics, chances are they’ll be grateful for the opportunity to share how they pushed through the pain to feel a quality of life again.

• Forgiveness is something most of us are not used to thinking about when a love one dies, but it’s a huge piece of the puzzle when dealing with profound loss. Forgiveness repairs the hole around your heart that says you can never be repaired. Forgive your loved one for whatever it was that caused their death, even if they had nothing to do with how it played out. Trust they know (all too well) that without a sense of forgiveness, you carry a burden no one should ever have to bear.

• Take a song from your childhood and give it back to your heart! When moments of pain and loss come your way – and they will come – give your heart the joy it knew as a child by singing a favorite song. Music is salve for the heart, and childhood songs have the longest lines of joy…even over songs you later shared with your loved one.

• Affirm for you and for your loved one that they were an ordinary mortal. If you make them out to be perfect it’s not a realistic picture, which keeps the bridge of communication and healing unattainable. While it may seem natural to want to make them into angels watching over us, they’re not. Stay grounded. They’ll appreciate knowing you love them for who they really were and are.

• Send a sealed envelope to God with a letter inside describing your feelings. Let God hold those for you. When you’re ready, take a small clay pot out to your garden, place your envelope in it, and then burn the envelope. See the smoke rise knowing that it’s God’s intention you not carry that burden alone any longer.

• Give yourself a healthy new start by becoming creative again. This is the most sustaining engine for the heart, as creativity has the tendency to keep moving things further and further forward with more and more of the out-flow of joy!

Be brave. Break the chains of grief. Rise up each morning knowing you are being called to a healthier, brighter life. It is possible with your permission. Are you ready?

Discerned from people in the afterlife.

Lynn Scott, spirit intuitive, public speaker and author - NOTES FROM THE OTHER SIDE www.NotesFromTheOtherSide.net

Inspired by the life of a dear friend who died tragically in 1972, Lynn’s life is dedicated to bridging the divide between the here and the hereafter.

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