Thursday, December 25, 2008


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I Have To Leave

One of my favorite dream stories in my book is about an elderly woman regarding her husband and I wanted to share it with you. She told me he would always tell her he would never leave her and this is a theme repeated over and over again in the book.
Introduction: I met my husband when we were in college, and we were married for thirty-two years before he died from lymphoma in October 2000.
The Special Dream: I was in my bed when my husband appeared in the door and he said to me, "I'm going to have to leave." During our thirty-two years of marriage, he would always say he would never leave me, and so now (in the dream) I asked him, "Why?" He never answered me why he just said, "I just have to, but you will be okay, everything will be alright." Then he said he wanted to show me where he was living, and it was so lavish and well-appointed and laid out.

It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I started to get upset with him, thinking that he was doing all this behind my back and setting up this beautiful place for himself without my knowledge, so I said to him, "How long have you been putting this place together?" He said not long, and he kept reassuring me that I would be okay. He showed me his king-size bed and we sat down on it and talked for

Then it was time for me to go, so I started to leave. To test him I took some of the beautiful things he had in his bedroom with me, to see if he would challenge me, but he was very loving and said, "That's okay, you can take anything you want." He kept telling me not to worry, everything would be fine and I would be taken care of.

--- Lillian B.

When my husband died in 1994 our sons were only 8 and 10 years old. His death was sudden and they did not even have the chance to say, "Good bye" to him. Understandably they were quit devastated by his death. In order to help them make sense of it all I told them that daddy didn't want to leave them, but he had to go ahead of us, he had to go because God had called him to heaven. And when God calls you have to go, even if you don't want to.

I also said that we are all going to die someday, because we have a certain amount of time here on earth. Death is a natural part of life and life is for the living. I told them that in life there was a great big beautiful world out there and we were going to go forward, to live life to the fullest and since then we have done just that. Our friends and loved ones die but never leave us. We still love them and they only go forward as their time on earth is over. They are waiting to greet us when our time is over, and in the end we will all be together again.
--- Luellen Hoffman

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