Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can you help out a good cause?

In this column, I talk about helping other widows or widowers, but this time I'd like to talk about a friend of mine who is trying to have her life saved. Lori Hall Steele is an amazing freelance writer. She's been sick with a 'mysterious' neurological condition. At first the docs thought she had Lyme Disease, and she's also been tested for other conditions too, including Guillian Barre Syndrome. They are still trying to find out what's wrong. Lori can't work anymore. She can't write anymore because she's THAT sick. As a matter of fact, I just took over one of her projects.

You know what the kicker is right? Her insurance company has denied all coverage due to a pre-existing condition (you listening presidential candidates?????). Lori is tapped out financially and doctors are still searching for a cause to her condition. Her friends, like me, are trying to help with fundraisers. Whatever you can do, we'd greatly appreciate it. I know you don't know Lori, but just know that this donation is helping Lori directly --- no organizations, no overheads, no committees -- it goes straight to Lori. Can't help financially? Spread the word please.

Read this article in the Grand Traverse newspaper to find out more.
Another friend of mine, Kristen Hains, has posted this on her Facebook page.

This time it's personal. Can you please help?


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