Thursday, January 17, 2008

Felix died -- his widow speaks...

I am a huge fan of The Odd Couple (remember the sitcom starring Jack Klugman as messy Oscar and Tony Randall as neatnik Felix) and as a matter of fact, while I write this blog, I have the DVD playing on the TV next to me and I can watch it all day long.

Years ago, I had a brief encounter with Tony Randall. He had visited Philip Morris, where I use to work years ago, regarding a partnership on a project that he was working on. I met him, he was very gracious and I got (and still have) his autograph.

I was thrilled when I was searching the Internet one night and found that Jack Klugman had self-published a book called Tony and Me: a story of friendship.

If you don't know, Tony Randall was married to his first wife for something like 54 years. After she died from cancer, Tony met a young woman, 50 years his junior, and married her. Together they had two children. If you read the book, you'll really come to respect this entire friendship and you'll learn about the love and caring that Tony Randall gave everything and everyone in his life.

When Tony died, he was 84 years old. Heather was in her 30s, a young widow with kids, just like me -- just like many of you. In the book that Jack wrote, Heather is interviewed and asked the question "Have you coped with his death?" I thought you'd be interested in her answer, so you know like I always say, "you may be young, but you're not alone..."

Heather, "I've just lived. I get up in the morning and just live my life. When you go through something like this, you really find out who your friends are. Many, many people were there for me and I love and appreciate them all. Some people were not so nice and honestly, I appreciate them too because they forced me to be stronger. They forced me to grow up. I miss him. I miss everything about him: his wisdom, his strength, his humor, but mostly his love."

Until next time, remember you might be young, but you're not alone. Lisa

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